• Sant Jordi 2022

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Sant Jordi 2022

Love is this too

BASICS Collection

Our wooden watches to your liking!

Do you know why each piece we make is exclusive?

At FIDEL ROCA we believe that you can only be authentic if you are honest and passionate and that is how we try to be in everything we do.




What do our clients think?

About him rail pendant

"I like it a lot, so minimalist, so simple, it doesn't weigh anything, and I think the elastic thread gives it a plus."

Marta Soley

What do our clients think?

"What I like the most is the design, I find everything beautiful and original.

It makes me feel special to wear your jewels, they have a stamp that makes them distinguish them when I see them in other people "

Josephine Pubill

What do our clients think?

About him Step ring

"I use the ring daily as the design is very versatile.

Everyone who has seen it has told me that it is beautiful "

Olga Diez

What do our clients think?

"The truth is that the earrings and the ring have seemed sooooo beautiful.

With them I have encouraged myself to fix myself a little more "

Maite lopera

What do our clients think?

About him rail pendant

"I find the piece very, very beautiful. Simple and at the same time elegant. That less is more"

Tin Road

Gift card

Are you looking for something for someone special? A gift card from our store is the best gift.


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