About us

The philosophy

Founder and soul of the company, Fidel has always done what he has felt at all times, but he created a firm with a clear philosophy, based on honesty, differentiation, design without limits and the quality of materials and finishes. 
The son of a watchmaker and trained as such, he decided that machinery was not for him and what really kept him awake was design, so he turned the family business around and began drawing watches and jewelry. And little by little, walking until today, with several lines of business and a team steeped in the philosophy that we already consider ours.


And what do we have to tell you about him that you don't know?

A free soul who makes great creations and always fights for what he wants. The soul of the company, who has set the main philosophy and who still watches it be maintained.


One of the most visible faces of FIDEL ROCA, involved and passionate. We are lucky!


The main "green gown", who under the gown wears a shirt because he has to play several keys. And he touches them without fear. A brave man who has decided to take the helm of the company so that he wants it as part of himself.


He is Paco, our main artisan jeweler. He is the son of our first jeweler, Manolo. And it is not that the position is inherited, it is that both are great professionals. Just what we want at FIDEL ROCA!


Creativity also involves how we transmit who we are and what we want, and this is what she does. Although it is true that you will not see it much in the store, it will be with whom you talk via social networks. And she is always ready to talk!


The good attitude with the client, with the Colleagues and with the company defines the Noel, Our commercial of the Protocol line. It started a few years ago in the shop and now it serves our protocol clients with honest dedication.